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This page introduces a number of my projects. I like to do things and see things happen, and I have hence founded and managed businesses, web sites, and magazines; I have organized campaigns, seminars, classes, and public relations stunts; and I make sure to be part of new great projects as soon as they call for my attention.
     Below are the web sites, businesses, and other projects and accomplishments I currently have an interest in or believe might be of interest to you. Presented in alphabetical order.
This web site, while the very first of its kind (anarcho-capitalist) back in 1999, has changed focus and purpose a number of times since founded. Today, it aims to discuss views, ideals and solutions to problems within the very rich philosophical or political tradition of anarchism. As it says on the front page, it tries to “bridge the gap” between anarchisms through providing arguments and clarifying perspectives. It also provides a forum in which to discuss hot topics and problematic issues.
     My role: founding editor

 Aparadigmal Productions
This web-based company offers probably the cheapest web site solutions available. It is an attempt to provide the web means for libertarians to be part of the ever increasing digital discussion. So if you’re looking for a cheap way of getting your own or a company site (only a couple of hundreds of US dollars is enough!), make sure to check it out.
     My role: founder and CEO

Leading Swedish libertarian activist network as well as think tank, and publishing house. Publishes the quarterly magazine Nyliberalen.
     My role: leading activist and organizer, “vice president” 2002-2004

 Libertarianskt Forum
This quarterly journal in Swedish is, disappointingly enough, put on ice for financial reasons. It was founded in 2002 and provided the Swedish libertarian community with a paper-based mix of the best radical classics and exclusives. It is awaiting re-establishment and still owns the Swedish rights to the works of Murray N. Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, et al.
     My role: founding editor

 Libertatis Æquilibritas
What's This?
The Libertatis Æquilibritas
This logotype for anarcho-capitalism, joining the three well-known symbols of the circle A (anarchism), the Yin & Yang (the spontaneous balance on the free market), and the dollar sign (capitalism/free markets), was introduced in 1999 through the web site Since then, it has gained recognition worldwide as a symbol for free market anarchism/anarcho-capitalism. The name is latin and stands for “the [natural] equilibrium of liberty.”
     My role: originator/creator/designer

 New Chapter Content Services
This company offers fast and cheap language services, i.e. proofing, indexing, translations etc. in American and British English as well as Swedish and German. It was founded in 2003 and was temporarily present and offering its services to companies in the Republic of China (i.e., Taiwan) during 2004. This company is currently preparing an American libertarian novel continuing a famous story of Charles Dickens. It has also been in charge of both translating and proofing articles for Libertarianskt Forum.
     My role: founder and co-owner

 Svensk Linje
A magazine published 4-6 times annually, founded in 1942. Being the official paper of conservative/liberal student organization Fria Moderata Studentförbundet, it carries a strong profile for discussing and debating ideas in the conservative, classical liberal, and libertarian traditions. Among its former editors are Carl Bildt (169-1973), Swedish Prime Minister 1991-1994 and High Representative of the international community in Bosnia 1996-1997, Leif Lewin (1963-1965), professor of political science at Uppsala University, and Cecilia Stegö Chilò (1987), managing director of think tank Timbro.
     My role: on the editorial staff 2002-2004, editorial staff secretary 2003-2004.

 Walk for Capitalism

The Movie
In 2001, the Australian objectivist and capitalism activist Prodos started a worldwide network of project leaders for arranging a manifestation for free-market capitalism. Under the name, Walk for Capitalism (the network later changed its name to Celebrate Capitalism), thousands of people marched to show their support for a free economy in early December in 2001 and 2002. The Swedish manifestations, and especially the world’s largest in the Swedish capital Stockholm(>500 people), were leading in both numbers and organization.
     Link:   /
     My role: coordinator and national organizer for the “walks” in Sweden and project leader for the Stockholm Walk for Capitalism.



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